Customer Focus

We are committed to achieving complete customer satisfaction by delivering the requirement and more value-added services. We adhere to and maintain the highest ethical standards and industry practices by invest in people and resources. This help us to meet the needs and wants of our clients by reviewing problems from ‘Their Point of View’.


We lead our customers through complex ICT solutions. To do that we do research, development, new product testing, work together with international partners, conduct regular meetings, work together, collaborate and create affordable ideas and solutions.

Commitment to Quality

We strictly follow the highest international processes and systems. We consistently deliver reliable products and services that meet with or exceed Customer expectations. Our unique C3 Concept is the process that matches perfect requirements with perfect solutions.


We say what we do and do what we say. We honor our commitments to our Employees, Customers, Suppliers and Communities. We believe in and deliver every commitment we make. Clients’ approval is the final deliverable on every project. We believe that helping Organizations reach their technological and management goals and demands which we should be responsible and accountable for the solutions.

We study and conceptualize We Theorize and construct We trust and care We are Tekxeon!
We make the future happen

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Our Mission

To be at the forefront of Information and Communication Technology, by empowering people, business, and society with cutting edge technology solutions, that are innovative and creative.

Our Vision

To be the industry leader in Sri Lanka by 2020, for technology innovations and ICT system integration, that helps to enhance the living style of our people.

Quality Policy

We will consistently meet the expectations of our clients by delivering high quality, innovative products and solutions by improving our capabilities and adapting ourselves to the best global industry standards.

"Reducing Complexity - We Simplify"

Our slogan sums up what we do. We take complex situations and simplify them. We have an in-depth understanding of networking, we simplify communication and make the flow of information quick and hassle-free.

Why Choose Us

We are well-established, leading, multi-faceted ICT system Integrator and new technology innovator, who deliver a wide array of multi-solution and multi-technology services to empower people, business, and society. Our pioneering team is made up by a band of dynamic and versatile professionals. They excel in their individual fields of specialization and commit to delivering the quality.

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